Status of hardware at each VMS location:

Location Hardware Status Date Login Credentials
Long Beach Desktop with LAN Live 01/25/2022 Windows – Unique log-in for each user. Connect with Alex for your Windows user log-in.
LAN – None
Pasadena Desktop with WiFi Live 04/28/2022 WiFi – Network: City Public Wifi, NO PASSWORD
Beverly Hills Desktop with LAN Live 05/02/2022 Windows
Password: Vms#90210
Glendale Laptop with WiFi Live 05/11/2022 There is no laptop password and the laptop will automatically open the Edge browser with the DrChrono website as the main page.  You may need to give the laptop a minute to auto-connect to WiFi if the system reboots.
Inglewood Desktop with LAN Live 05/03/2022 Windows
Username: Med Services
Password: Inglewood5
Culver City Laptop with WiFi Live 08/03/2022 Windows – None
iPad – 5555
WiFI – Network: PDG, Password: CCPDGuests1918
Hawthorne Laptop with WiFi Live 05/05/2022 Windows – Username: VMS Nurse, Pin/Password: 5555
WiFi – Network: COH_Guest; Password: None; **You may need to enter an (any) email address if the WiFi connection resets.  See below for more information
Manhattan Beach Desktop with LAN Temporary 07/02/2022 Use the jailer’s computer for access
Santa Monica Desktop with LAN Temporary 07/02/2022 Use the jailer’s computer for access

Please connect with the Jail lead if you have any Internet (WiFi or Local Area Network) questions and they will reach out to their IT department. For DrChrono questions call/text Joy Plas at 323-843-4406.




  1. If not connected to WiFi, click on WiFi icon in bottom left-hand corner of desktop screen and select COH_Guest:

2. Enter any e-mail address into the Guest User log-in screen:

3. Once connected City of website will appear. You can close out this Chrome tab and continue.